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October 10, 2009
Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens
10001 West Bluemound Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226
Dear Doctor Wallace,
This letter accompanies my resumé to provide additional personal information. Since my family lives
near Milwaukee, I have enjoyed visiting the Milwaukee County Zoological gardens many times. As a veterinary
student focusing on zoological medicine, I am eager to obtain specialized training as an extern at a zoological
park. Since your program appears to be a challenging and enjoyable one, in a desirable geographic area, I am
exited to submit my application for your 2009-2010 externship program.
My ultimate career goal is to be a zoo veterinarian. I like the challenge of using my knowledge in the
diverse roles of a zoo veterinarian where one must assume the roles of medical provider, educator, investigator,
personnel manager, and administrator. As a student, I have tried to obtain a solid, well-rounded knowledge base
from which to expand and extrapolate information to a multitude of species. Hopefully, this will allow me to
pursue an approach to diagnostics that would apply to any species. Of course, one must have good biological
knowledge of the individual species as well. Therefore, I would like to fulfill that need by obtaining as much
clinical experience with exotic species as possible.
In summary, I feel that my enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and goal-orientated approach to life make me
a good candidate for your externship program. Unfortunately, my schedule only permits six weeks for an
externship. Also, since I plan to drive to Wisconsin, I am most interested in doing an externship in the early fall
(particularly September 5 to October 14, though any opening would be appreciated).
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Kari L. Christe
Zoo Animal Medicine Externship Cover Letter
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