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Waitress Cover Letter Example
Ms Jane Brown
101 Any Road
Every Town
Mr John Smith
ABC Company
All Streets
Any Town
Dear Mr Smith
Advertised post of Waitress
Having read the details of the above post, I would like to register my interest in the post.
I have had several similar jobs serving customers in different types of restaurant. My work has
been mainly fast paced and demanding and I provide excellent service to my customers at all
times. I have a friendly but efficient manner and have developed solid working relationships in all
of the staff teams in which I have been placed.
I believe that my knowledge of restaurant operations and hospitality expertise make me a highly
suitable candidate for the role. In addition, I am able to handle cash and process card payments
efficiently and perform inventory checks.
I enclose my CV for your consideration. I would be keen to tell you more about my suitability for
the role at interview and would be pleased to meet with you. I can be contacted on (phone
number) or (e-mail address) and I hope that you will take my application forward.
Thank you for your time.
Yours sincerely
Jane Brown
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