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VP Director of Finance Cover Letter
Search Committee
XYZ Organization
RE: Vice President Position, ZZ Program
Dear Search Committee:
I am responding to the position announcement for Vice President of the ZZ program at XYZ
Organization. I have a combination of experience and skills that I believe match well with what
XYZ is seeking for the Vice President of this initiative. A copy of my resume accompanies this
cover letter, and I would like to highlight here my qualities and credentials I believe are most
relevant to the position.
I have extensive managerial experience in the non-profit sector and a record of success in getting
initiatives off the ground and flourishing. Most recently, I served for seven years as Executive
Director of an association whose members are engaged in the use of information technology in
health care, and prior to that, I spent eleven years as head of a very entrepreneurial nonprofit that
provided information systems, training and education, and technology consultation to libraries and
information centers in a wide range of settings.
While my resume provides more specifics, my previous positions have enabled me to develop a
high level of skill and experience in the following areas that are germane to the Vice President
position at XYZ:
I have created new and innovative programs, extending from inception of an idea, through
preparing and presenting persuasive business plans, to developing and implementing the programs
and providing the ongoing support structure.
I have extensive experience in budgeting, in financial monitoring, and in revenue generation
activities of all persuasions, including product sales, membership, grants, and corporate
I have a background of both managerial and hands-on involvement in creating successful publicity
and promotional and communications campaigns.
I have exhibited, in all past positions, a consistent knack for being able to identify, recruit, and hire
exceptional staffs, and for establishing highly productive and team-oriented work environments.
My work has been centered in organizations that have information dissemination and knowledge
creation as the focus of their program activity, with leading edge technology playing a key role in
the delivery of that information and knowledge.
In my leadership in nonprofit organizations, I have very successfully maneuvered the delicate
balance between dedication to mission, the need for bold entrepreneurial initiatives, and the
application of sound business management. From your description of what is needed for
leadership of ZZ at the Vice-Presidential level, I believe my credentials align well with what you
are seeking. I would be pleased to speak with you about my credentials in greater detail at your
convenience, or provide any additional information that would be helpful for you in assessing my
qualifications. I would be happy to provide salary history or requirements if you feel my
candidacy merits the next level of consideration.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
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