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Josh Work Hard
112 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
(267) 937-9096
April 21, 2010
St. Mary’s Veterinary Hospital
348 East 9
New York, NY 10003
Dear Dr. Haddonfield,
I am inquiring about the veterinary associate position that will be available after the untimely departure of
Doctor Gladstone. I have heard wonderful things about your practice from friends of Doctors Cook and
Gladbrook, and from your close friend Doctor Morgan. Your practice has been described as well-run and an
excellent place for one to develop medical and surgical skills. I find client communication an important aspect of
veterinary medicine and a web site a progressive way of developing such communication, thus, I was very
impressed with your website. I will be moving to New York City at the beginning of July with my fiancé who will
be starting a multi-year cardiology residency at the Animal Medical Center. Since our desire is not to spend this
next year in different locations, a New York City job is a high priority for me.
I am enthusiastic and eager to learn and, thus, find the mentorship attitude Drs. Cook and Morgan
describe at St. Mary’s appealing. I find enjoyment in veterinary medicine and start off each morning with a
cheerful attitude and a smile. My hope is to work in a practice where doctors and support staff are encouraged to
learn from one another and work together as a team. My main area of professional interest is soft tissue and
orthopedic surgery and I am eager to further these skills with the encouragement and tutelage of your practice.
Nonetheless, the problem-solving associated with complete work ups of medicine cases also intrigues me.
Because I am a second-career veterinary student, I am willing to accept a slightly lower starting salary in
return for a well-defined shadowing and mentorship program, particularly with respect to surgery. Hopefully that
will include preset shadow periods, daily rounds discussions, and monthly performance appraisals. My
expectation is that my maturity, life and communication skills, and focus on hard work will offset the limited
experience I had working in veterinary practices before admission to Penn.
If you have any questions about the enclosed resumé, please call or email me. Just to verify that this
inquiry has arrived on your desk, I will touch base with you by phone in a few days. Hopefully, by then you will
have had the opportunity to review this information and, perhaps, contact my references.
I look forwarding to hearing from you.
Josh Work Hard
U of Penn Class of ‘10
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