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TV News Reporter Cover Letter
Jon Jobhunter
8976 Nineteenth Street
Anyville, USA 89890
July 5, 2006
Mr. Harvey Gruber, Producer
XYZ Television News Department
62 Poster Avenue
Anyville, USA 99999
Dear Mr. Gruber:
I have been a ‘cub’ reporter for the Anyville Beacon for the past three years and I have worked as
an assistant to the news anchor on a small television station in nearby Township.
Today I’m writing this resume cover letter to apply for one of t he three openings for television
news reporters, which I spotted on I realize my tasks will be minor at first–
covering local athletic events, sitting in on city council meetings, reporting various school
functions in our community. By doing so, I hope to prove to you that I have what it takes to
become a full-time television news reporter for XYZ Television.
Would you be willing to meet me in person so I can show you what I can do and to learn what you
have in mind for those you hire? I’m available at your convenience any weekday except Thursday.
Please phone me at 345-678-9999 to arrange a get-together that works for your schedule.
Jon Jobhunter
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