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30 Knox Rd, Apt 1234
College Park, MD 20742
January 26, 2013
Mr. Dennis Hurley
Mechanical Engineer
Trident Engineering Associates
2010 Industrial Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401
Dear Mr. Hurley:
I learned that Trident Engineering Associates is planning to hire summer interns after having the
opportunity to talk to Trident President, Donald Vannoy, when he was initiated as an honorary
member to my chapter of Chi Epsilon at the University of Maryland. We had an in-depth
conversation about civil engineering forensics, which is a topic that interests me because I believe
the best way to prevent engineering failures is to know what causes them. After I graduate, I plan
to pursue a career in engineering forensics, and an internship at Trident would put me on the right
path. My employment, academic, and extra-curricular background make me a strong candidate for
an internship at Trident.
As an intern this past summer for the Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA), I
learned a lot about the design process of highway rehabilitation. In the process of working with
different design procedures I learned how design assumptions impact an entire system, and how to
account for those assumptions in my calculations. This knowledge enabled me to successfully
design pavement structure improvements from the data collected from my field surveys and
analysis of road performance histories.
My experiences at MDSHA would benefit your organization because they demonstrate that I can
apply what I have learned in class, play an active role in real engineering projects, and cooperate
well in a team environment. One team-based experience I had was as the structural engineering
team leader for a project in my Design of Civil Engineering Systems class. I was able to keep all
members on task, and thanks to everyone’s diligent efforts, we produced a design that was well-
received by our review panel. In addition, as Treasurer of Chi Epsilon, I took initiative and helped
co-organize the spring 2011 Civil Engineering Career Fair which was attended by over 30
companies and 200 students. I planned and managed the participation of over 30 student
volunteers to greet and assist recruiters and students at the fair.
I am excited about the chance to work for Trident because I know I can be a great asset to the
company. If you have any questions, please email me at I look
forward to hearing back from you soon.
Thank you for your consideration.
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