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Richard Moverson
1/3 Bradley Place
White Hill QLD 4000
P: (07) 9191 0000
M: 0455 666 777
Dear Mr Cooper
Re: Senior Transport and Logistics Manager position
I am writing to apply for the position of Senior Transport and Logistics Manager
I have over 20 years of experience within the transport and logistics industry, with 9 years at senior management
level. My transport experience includes extensive practical knowledge of the transport and distribution of various
products by rail, road and sea. I have a thorough understanding of all aspects relating to management and
regulatory and statutory compliance, and this includes a strong familiarity with all matters relating to OH&S and
staff recruitment and development.
In my previous positions I have continually demonstrated my commitment to ongoing improvement of both
services to clients and internal processes. I have undertaken extensive professional development, including
Diplomas in both Education and Training and OH&S. With this training I have been able to improve operations
and implement new state-wide safety and training programs in my position as State Manager at ICE Refrigerated
With respect to the position of Senior Transport and Logistics Manager I bring the following specific skills:
Extensive experience in managing staff and resource allocation to achieve company targets and improve
efficiency and cost effectiveness
Practised in managing and planning equipment downtime and maintenance, with particular attention
given to managing and maintaining R&M budgets
Full understanding of, and experience in, conducting audits relating to the legislative and regulatory
requirements for HACCP food safety and OH&S
Ability to monitor, analyse and report on P&L activity and other financial reports
During my previous employment I have led companies and divisions of companies in renewing their HVAS
accreditation as well as ensuring compliance with NHVAS requirements. I have implemented a number of
programs involving fatigue management, fuel transport and storage and HACCP food safety with great success.
My strong communication and negotiation skills have enabled me to work very positively with the various
regulatory authorities and government departments involved in the transport industry.
From my extensive experience, I have a strong appreciation of what would be required to succeed within this key
position and I have the motivation and qualifications to achieve results.
I would very much like to discuss this position with you further, and look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Richard Moverson
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