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Studio Assistant Cover Leer
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Dear ____,
I am contacting you in hopes of your need of a studio assistant, production assistant, free help…
In the past year I have assisted for a number of studio and event photographers. My
responsibilities have included assembling/dissembling lighting equipment, huffing equipment to
and from various locations, gathering and keeping track of talent for portraiture,
reflecting/diffusing light on subject matter, 2nd shooting events, answering phones and fetching
coffee. As well, I am familiar with editing work flows and ftp uploading. Not long ago I left Post
Works, LLC, which is a huge Post Production Film House. While at Post Works I worked as a
software/hardware internand had the opportunity to extensively learn software such as Photoshop,
Photo Mechanic, Bridge, Light Room, Flash, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Avid.
I have attached my resume for your consideration and can be reached via e-mail or at___. I have
a flexible schedule, am a reliable person and am looking for nothing more than to learn and gain
experience in all aspects of the photo industry.
Please “download” my resume for correct formatting
All The Best,
William Hereford
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