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David Roberts Motivation Letter
Dear Sir, or Madam,
I am currently in search of an internship in Europe starting May 2006 at an international
engineering company with an emphasis on communications and wireless technology. For
the past four years I have been striving to learn all I can in the domain of
communications, in hopes of being able to take part in the design and implementation of
future wireless technology. My studies at Rutgers University have driven my excitement
to pursue a career in such an innovative 'eld of engineering. Wireless communication is
still in its early stages of development, it has so much room to expand in the future. The
more I learn about it, the more I want to get involved in its upbringing. I decided that a
great way to broaden my knowledge, given my pro'ciency in French, was to enroll in a
Franco-American dual degree program with Georgia Tech Lorraine and Supélec in Metz,
France. What better way to forge ideas on the advancement of global communication
than by combining the teachings from two di/erent continents?
Now that I am on my way to earning my double degree I am eager to get some
experience at an international company. I hope for the chance to take the ideas that
have been building up in my mind over the past years of my studies and apply them to
the professional world. My mind needs a place to grow, where it can take roots in the
technology of today and branch out to form new means and applications of
I think that Nortel o/ers a direct window to that which I am most passionate about, innovation
in wireless technology. I believe providing better and faster means of communicating across
the globe promotes a better life. Cutting-edge ideas like VoIP and HSDPA make it possible to
make free international phone calls and to transfer more information with portable devices
faster. This means that people can talk more, share more, and know more about the world
that they live in. I yearn to play a part in the development of those technologies and others
that share the same goal of increasing our quality of life. Given the chance, I know that I will
enter the professional world with excitement
and vigor, and I will strive to push forth what we know as communications today.
Enclosed is my resume for your review. I thank you for considering my application and
look forward to hearing from you.
David Roberts.
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