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Ann C. Looney
Golden High Society,
3671 Walnut Hill Drive, Lane - 55, Apartment # 29
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Contact Number - (513) 291 9253
Date: November 27, 2011
Carrie S. Nguyen
Hiring Manager
Illinois Security Services
3624 Pringle Drive, Maize Avenue Center, Lane - 42,
Chicago, IL, USA
Dear Miss. Nguyen,
Re: Application for Security Guard post
Recently, I came across a commercial on Channel 6 for the position of security guard at your well established Illinois Security
Services. I was pleased to know about the vacancy and therefore, I am enclosing my resume and important credentials for your
consideration. I certainly believe that my abilities and work experience are efficient enough to meet the specified job
requirements mentioned in the commercial.
Speaking about my educational background, where I have successfully completed my High School Diploma from New York
University and also hold a Grade III Certificate in security services. With fifteen years of experience in this particular profession,
I have gained competent hold over the security strategies and important safety procedures. Previously, I have worked with Dixon
Security Services, where I was assigned to different responsibilities that included patrolling the metro areas, maintaining
discipline in the commercial and industrial sector, handling the detecting devices for proper security, providing information for
the duration of non business hours, investigating about the disturbances occurred, answering the calls, and offering personal
security to the motor drives. In addition, I also possess efficient communicational and interpersonal skills. Therefore, my overall
work experience has enabled me to handle any crucial situations and maintain the protection orders.
I am quite confident that my credentials would help you to keep me in mind while considering for the security guard position. I
would certainly welcome the chance to meet you in person and have a better conversation regarding the specified job duties. You
can contact me on the above provided phone or email details as per your convenience.
Thank you.
Sincere regards
Ann C. Looney
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