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Jame Carley
452 North West Street
Carlton Homes
Great Treasure Apartments
B/12, 25th Street
CA- 56120
Ph: 333 321542
The Recruitment Head
Ms. Michelle Bruce
Kampbell Furnishings
Business Street
K11 Towers
CA - 56125
Dear Ms. Bruce.
I am James Carley, and I present my candidature for the position of Sales Manager in your
organization, advertised in today's CA Times. I work as an Assistant Manager Sales with Serra
Floorings, and am interested in the furnishing and interior sector. I thus, present my candidature
for the same.
I have been in the tiling and flooring sector, since 2 years. However, I always had a keen interest
in interiors, and have done a diploma in interiors during my graduation. This opportunity would
give me a chance to work in the field of my interest, and thus help me pursue my career dreams. I
believe that a salesperson can do well in any sector, when his/her basics are clear, and thus my
performance in this sector will also be appreciable.
Please go through the enclosed resume along with the letter. I would be looking forward to meet
you in person, to discuss this opportunity further.
Thank you in anticipation.
Jame Carley
Ph: 333 321542
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