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Dear Miss Turner,
As a passionate sales person with exceptional customer services skills, I would like to apply for
the position of a Sales Assistant at Simpson’s, as advertised on your website. My strong
background in sales and appropriate work experience closely match the job description you
As you can see from my enclosed CV, I have wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in a retail
sales setting. I am highly experienced in introducing new products to customers and sharing
product information which I endeavour to learn as quickly as possible. In addition, I have an
established ability to help customers with product variety and selection.
My extensive experience has helped me to develop significant abilities such as precisely
determining customer needs and guiding and helping with their requirements. Additionally, I have
a proven track record of being able to boost sales by 10% in the last year and I am confident I
would be able to do the same for your business.
My CV further highlights my qualifications and experiences in the sales and customer service
fields, but I would welcome an interview to further discuss my suitability.
Thank you for your consideration of this application.
Yours sincerely
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