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900 JONES STREET n CHICAGO, IL 60601 n 312.269.9746
October 2, 2___
Jane Frank, Esq.
Legal Resource Center
777 Chestnut Street, Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60600
Dear Ms. Frank:
Please accept my application for the position of Staff Attorney. I am confident I can be an asset to the
Legal Resource Center, given my experience, education and commitment to social justice, as well as the energy I
will bring to the job.
I have experience advocating for low-income clients in housing and benefits matters. I worked at Client
Legal Services where I assisted in the defense of eviction actions and directly represented clients in appeals of
Social Security Disability benefits. Prior to law school, I received training from the Housing Rights Committee,
volunteered at the Housing Clinic and at the R Street Youth Shelter, and participated in “Empty the Shelters,” an
effort to build coalitions between Chicago’s homeless and young activists. Most recently, I assisted in discovery
for affirmative litigation against a landlord regarding illnesses resulting from mold.
I have worked with and for those populations served by the Legal Resource Center. I was a hotline intake
worker for Boston’s Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, providing legal information and referrals to the
GBLT and HIV+ population concerning housing, employment, criminal sex and issues of medical confidentiality.
In addition, I participated in community education efforts around the issue of HIV while working at a social
marketing firm in Chicago.
Finally, having recently completed a one year post-graduate clerkship with the federal district court in
Boston, my writing, research and analysis skills are finely honed. Most pertinent to this position were several
ERISA cases for which I evaluated the sufficiency of the medical evidence in the record. Clerking also gave me
concentrated exposure to litigation and settlements – and reminded me how much I missed direct services and
contact with clients in whose futures I am invested.
I am extremely interested in this position and am an advocate of the Legal Resource Center’s mission
and work. I hope that we can meet to discuss my application further, and thank you in advance for your
Best regards,
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