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Example Cover Letter
Ima Student
Campus Box 0000
Wingate, NC 28110
May 20, 2008
Mary Milam
American Red Cross, Union County
Chapter 608 E. Franklin Street
Monroe, NC 28112
Dear Mary Milam:
I am applying for the Special Events Internship position available at the Union County Chapter. I found
this position posted in the Wingate University Career Center.
My education and experience qualify me for this internship in multiple ways. As a Student Coordinator for
UCAN (volunteer services student organization) at Wingate, I planned several successful events. For example,
I led a group of peers in planning activities to get Wingate students involved with United Way Day of Caring
2008. I recruited thirty volunteers and set a volunteer schedule. I also contacted the Site Director to obtain
locations where students would work. I arranged transportation and lunch for 25 students at 3 different sites.
The event resulted in providing 3 families with exterior maintenance services and providing a learning
experience for my peers.
After researching the Union County Chapter website, I am impressed with the services these events bring to the
community. I am confidant I will contribute to the teams planning these events. In addition to my
organizational skills developed as a leader in a student organization, my experiences on the Wingate University
Swimming Team and in the Pep Band have trained me to work effectively in groups.
My event planning experience and teamwork skills qualify me for this internship. I look forward to
meeting with you to further discuss this opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Ima Student
Ima Student
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