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Melody M. Martoskovitch
999 North 99* Street * River Falls, WI 54022 * (715) 425-55555 * martoskovitch@hotmail.com
August 21, 2006
Dr. Ivan Denisovich Howard
Sumico-School District
2700 Lineville Road Green Bay, WI 54313
Dear Dr. Denisovich:
I am very excited to submit this letter as my application for Special Education Program Assistant
at Bay View Middle School. I saw the advertisement for this position on the University of
Wisconsin-River Falls “Hire a Falcon” website. Enclosed please find my resume, application,
transcript and license.
As a special education instructor, I bring a great deal of real world experience to the position.
After completing my undergraduate degree in psychology, I spent five years working as a mental
health worker at Hamilton House in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. During this time I was fortunate to
work with four adults with varying abilities and see the extraordinary results that can be made
through hard work and caring. Because of this wonderful experience, I decided to redirect my
career towards working with exceptional children.
During my student teaching experience, I used the knowledge gained in my previous job to
develop practical curriculum modifications for students who were mild to moderately mentally
impaired. I worked very well as a member of the team that evaluated individual Education Plans
by learning to understand the viewpoints of the educator, psychologist and parents. This led to a
high comfort level between all team members which created the best possible program for each
individual student. I also worked to create a real world curriculum that allowed students to learn
valuable life skills while still maintaining high academic achievement. In addition to experience, I
have also attended numerous conferences on educational methodology which have made me a
firm believer in the power of inclusion, peer teaching and the modeling of proper behavior.
My experience working withreal world” adults after finishing my undergraduate degree give me
a unique look into the future lives of exceptional students. I look forward to meeting with you
more to discuss my qualifications. If you have any questions or would like to set up an interview,
please contact me at (715) 425-5555 or at martoskovitch@hotmail.com.
Melody M. Martoskovitch
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