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October 10, 2009
Doctor So and So
Veterinary Centers
Philadelphia, PA 12222
Dear Doctor So and So,
I am currently a fourth year student at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. I
am sending you this letter and resumé with the hope of meeting you in person and interviewing for a position in
your hospital.
As you peruse my resumé, you will undoubtedly notice that much of my experience prior to, and in the
early part of, veterinary school was geared towards a career practicing large animal medicine. Although it is not
easily explained, especially in a short paragraph, I will try to enlighten you as to why I want to work as a small
animal practitioner.
I grew up on a farm in central Pennsylvania and have always had an interest in animals, both large and
small. I worked initially with a local veterinarian, caring for the livestock on his Angus farm. I quickly developed
an interest in his veterinary work and began accompanying him on farm calls and assisting with office visits. His
practice was mainly made up of local farmers and it was this experience, with these people, that started me down
the path towards large animal medicine. As I developed my education, in college and veterinary school, I found
that I enjoyed working with small animals as much as I did with large but that working with companion animals
afforded me many more of the opportunities that kept me stimulated and interested in medicine. I enjoyed
investigating cases, performing the necessary diagnostics, following through with appropriate treatment plans,
and developing my skills in small animal medicine and because of those experiences, I hope to find a practice
with an atmosphere that will remain educationally stimulating and rewarding for years to come.
I hope that this letter clarifies some of my past experience and my future goals. I look forward to meeting
with you in person and visiting your practice.
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