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William Moses,
Room No. 156,
Western Street,
245/67 Joseph St. Plaza,
Contact No.: 237-026-3008
D & D Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
Missouri Street,
North East Corner 16/8
Los Angeles - 116
Subject: Application for the post of a Shipping and Receiving Clerk in your organization
Dear Sir,
With reference to the advertisement dated 21st October 2013 in weekly times, I am applying for
the post of shipping and receiving clerk.
As a fresher I would like to mention some of my achievements in this field. I have completed an
internship of 4 months in Arizona Mfg. Pvt. Ltd during my graduation. This has imparted me with
the organizational culture, managerial and organizational skills. There I learned about the various
manufacturing processes and inventory control tools and techniques. I am well updated with the
software applications essential for successful implementation of all the responsibilities that this
post entails. Knowledge of the advanced trends in managing inventories will be an added
advantage. I assure you of my capacities and quick learning attitude.
Looking forward to get an affirmative reply from you and I would be very happy if I get an
opportunity to show my potential. Attached herewith are my resume and all the necessary
certificates. You can contact me on the above mentioned e-mail ID if needed.
Thank you,
Yours faithfully,
William Moses
Certificates of completion of internship
Educational certificates
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