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Sample Cover Letter (Experienced Candidate)
Mr. Christopher George,
126, Western Park Avenue,
23/40 Rock Plaza,
MN 0999866
Contact No.: 326-450-3452
J & K Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Missouri Street,
North East Corner 25/2
Los Angeles - 112.
Subject: Application for the post of a Shipping and Receiving Clerk in response to the advertisement
Dear Sir,
In response to your advertisement dated 21st October 2013 in the daily 'California Times', I am applying for the
post of a shipping and receiving clerk.
I would like to mention that I have been working in the field of shipping industries since last three years and
handling the responsibility of inventory control and keeping track of all inventories. The company has semi-
automated machinery for keeping record of all the activities related to inventory. So, most of the functions are
performed with the help of computers and scanners. Its recording and management is done manually. This
knowledge will prove to be useful while imparting the functions related to inventory control and management. I
am responsible for furnishing the information related to shipments, arrivals and departure of the materials in the
warehouse. The training received in this field and my knowledge of different software applications will certainly
prove to be beneficial to your company.
Hope that I would get an interview call and a chance to present my credentials in person.
Yours Sincerely,
Christopher George
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