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Sample Cover Letter
Claire Robertson
6731 17th Street
Parksville, BC V9N 3G6
(250) 555-8743
Attention: Bob Smith
Restaurant Manager
Boston Pizza
263 Island Highway East
Parksville, BC V4G 1J9
Fax: 555-5662
Dear Mr. Smith,
Please accept my resume in application to the position for server as advertised in the Oceanside
Star on September 30, 2007. Having experience in the food service industry, I feel that my
experience would be an asset to Boston Pizza.
My first work experience was at the Mocha Bean Cafe where I quickly learned how to serve
customers in a busy environment in a friendly and efficient manner. I also assisted customers in
locating products and providing product information. As a Drive-thru Attendant for McDonald’s, I
routinely worked the night shift and assisted with the closing of the restaurant. I was awarded
Employee of the Month after only my second month on the job. The skills that I learned on these
jobs would easily transfer to and benefit your restaurant.
As a worker, I am highly organized and efficient. I am also very comfortable working
independently or as part of a team. I enjoy interacting with people and providing a service. I have
always enjoyed eating at Boston Pizza and would like to contribute to its success. I am very
interested in an opportunity to interview with you. I can be reached at 555.8743. Thank you for
your consideration.
Claire Robertson
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