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"SENIOR BUSINESS SYSTEMS ANALYST -- Experienced leadership and proven success in Program/Project Management
life cycle, including business process and requirements documentation, project planning and budgeting, resource
management, implementation, training, communication planning and deployment. Ability to work closely with IT
community in partnership to achieve project objectives and milestones within project timeline and budget. Driver in
research, analysis, and resolution of problems with business and IT communities. Knowledge of general sales process
methodologies, as well as system architecture solutions; including Web Portals and standard ERP and SFA packages
and metrics tools. 5+ years direct experience in Field Sales or Sales Support; business or technical. 3+ years proven
success applying Project Management methodologies and concepts. Must have solid project management skills;
including detailed scheduling using MS Project, change/risk management, resource leveling, time/cost analysis and
project status and communication to varying management audiences. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
B.S. or relevant years of experience in business application development and experience in designing, building, and
implementing business solutions using information technology."
John Smith
1111 First Street j Anytown, ST 00000 j 123-456-7890 j
December 1, 2002
Mr. Jack Wilson
Vice President, Technology Services
Acme Company
123 Elm Street
Anytown, ST 12345
Dear Mr. Wilson:
I am very interested in the Senior Business Systems Analyst (Job ID 56789XY) position advertised at as I
believe that my background and experience are just what you're looking for. I matched my specific qualifications to those
requested in your advertisement:
Sixteen years experience as a systems analyst and project manager. I have considerable experience as a project
manager developing technology solutions for major international corporations. A significant part of my work history has
involved acting in the capacity of on-site expert and lead consultant specializing in finding solutions for clients with unworkable,
inefficient or damaged systems. The solutions I implemented are outlined on my resume and have brought significant savings
to clients by reducing their operating expenses and increasing productivity.
Five or more years experience in sales support . I have a proven record of success in providing sales support to clients.
One recent project involved writing training and sales presentation guides as a part of a sales initiative offering simplified ERP
implementations for mid-sized companies. Another success was being able to retain a major client who was unhappy with an
e-procurement system that contained major flaws. I was able to resolve those problems to the client's satisfaction saving my
employer a major account.
Technical Skills: I have provided effective system architecture solutions; have worked with web portals and standard
ERP and SFA packages, as well as metric tools. I am highly proficient in using MS Project, am very experienced in change /
risk management, resource leveling, time / cost analysis, and multi-tasking. I have managed small and large projects in cross-
functional environments and am experienced in all stages of the system implementation life cycle.
Excellent communication skills. I am accustomed to leading and working with teams on diverse projects and interacting
closely with clients, many of whom are well-known international corporations. These projects have required a high degree of
team coordination and interaction to be completed on time and within budget.
College degree . I hold a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Management and have completed post-graduate
courses in business administration and marketing.
I have enclosed a copy of my résumé that gives you more specific information as to my background, accomplishments,
and technical skills. I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss my qualifications and ideas on developing a new
sales force automation tool for your company. Many thanks for your time and consideration.
John Smith
John Smith
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