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Adeline Streudel
111 Douglas Avenue yToledo, OH 43606 y419.111.1111
April 1, 2004
Mrs. Principal
Gesu School
2045 Parkside Dr.
Toledo, OH 43607
Dear Mrs. Principal:
The Catholic education experience provides children with a well-rounded educational experience infused with
faith and morals, which I feel are two important factors when educating our youth of today. Drawing from my
experiences as a student teacher and substituting in various classrooms, I welcome the chance to begin my
professional teaching career at Gesu. I noticed a second grade position listed on the website, and as highlighted
in my enclosed resume, my academic achievement, related teaching experience, volunteer involvement and
past employment demonstrates that I possess the qualifications to begin my teaching career.
During my student teaching experience I implemented lessons that were age appropriate, hands-on and
individualized. I developed work pages that dealt with the spelling and writing of “lightning words” which
provided the building blocks for each students’ own Lightning Word Dictionary. In the classroom, I constructed
different centers for the children to explore, including a nature pavilion, a space odyssey and an alphabet
adventure. In the “Mad about Math” center, I encouraged students to take the Math Challenge, using
manipulatives to solve simple addition and subtraction problems.
A personal goal of mine is to provide my students with a stimulating, challenging, and healthy learning
environment that will allow them to become active in their learning experience. In order to do that, I must also
effectively communicate with students, faculty, parents, and administrators. As a student teacher I developed a
parent e-newsletter to help distribute information and collect feedback on homework assignments.
Being an involved student and active member in various organizations, as well as working part-time throughout
college, required perseverance and good time management skills. While teaching is a demanding career, I am
confident my experiences have prepared me to succeed.
I am interested in meeting with you to discuss my qualifications for the second grade position at Gesu School. I
will contact you within two weeks to arrange an interview at your earliest convenience. Thank you for
reviewing my credentials as a potential candidate and considering me for your teaching staff.
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