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Jerome L. Crown
7529 Heritage Way, Loveland, OH 45140 • 513-984-3090
May 15, 2005
Dr. Keith Kelly, Principal
Tristate Alternative Schools
9325 Cooper Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Dear Dr. Kelly:
As a recent college graduate with extensive coursework in the science, coupled with solid work
experiences in high-volume/high-intensity environments dealing with the public, I think I have
quite a bit to offer.
As I consider teaching the sciences in public education, and as I further consider what
qualifications I might bring to the assignment, the following four points will be of interest to you:
I have extensive coursework in the sciences—biology, chemistry, physics, and
mathematics. I present a wide range of teaching capabilities to needy principal.
I will be strong in front of the classroom. I am a natural persuader and influencer, and am
people-centered and highly verbal. My sales experiences were very successful and included
training my peers, and my time with Juan & Pedro’s developed my interpersonal and
communication skills.
I’m a whiz at documentation and paperwork. With Juan & Pedro’s, I managed the seating
allocations for up to 1,000 guests a night. And with G.H. Troutman, I tracked and managed a
5,000-unit inventory rolling over nearly every month. I am organized and efficient.
I’m the right personality type. I am an influencer (DISC), and that means I love the give-
and-take of discussions, challenging issues, or intriguing questions. I am considerate of
others and oftentimes a leader among my peers.
As you can see, the foundation blocks that indicate probable success in the classroom are present:
scientific knowledge, platform/persuasion abilities, organizational capabilities, and personality
I thank you in advance for the time you have taken reading this letter and my accompanying
resume, and I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss how I can contribute to the
excellence of your school district by making a positive impact on the lives of my students.
Jerome L. Crown
Enclosure: Resume
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