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222 Any Street
Hometown IL 55555
Today’s Date
Ms. Sara Jones
Human Resources Coordinator
Any School District 123
41 E. Elm Drive
Any Town, IL 55555
Dear Ms. Jones,
I am applying for the position of elementary teacher that was advertised on your school web
site. My background and credentials match your needs. With ____ years of teaching
experience and the drive to provide each student with an excellent education, I am confident
my qualifications will be a valuable asset to the ______School District.
While researching your district, I learned your mission is to challenge every student and develop
core knowledge in order to achieve success. Throughout my teaching experience, I have
developed rigorous, differentiated literacy centers, each containing an assignment for low, on,
and high level students. The leveled centers are on each child’s academic level yet pushed
them to meet their full potential.
My greatest passion is to develop students into educated, well-rounded, successful individuals.
During my career, I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach a diverse group of students
including minorities, bilingual, gifted, and special needs students. As a result, I am proficient in
constructing and delivering creative, comprehensive lessons accommodating multiple
intelligences thus inspiring all students to achieve.
As you will see by my resume, I have many of the qualifications you seek. I would like to meet
with you to discuss my candidacy in full. I will be in the area and available for an interview March
15th through the 19th. Otherwise, I will be happy to discuss other possible arrangements. You
may reach me at (217) 555-4444 or Thank you for your time and
Alice Teachr
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