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Sample Baker Cover Letter
Paul Collard
46 Desert Drive
Any City, USA 99999
April 7, 2006
Mr. Marshall McOwen
Hiring Manager
Best Bread Bakery
452 Ambrose Street
Any Town, USA 99999
Dear Mr. McOwen:
For five years I was head baker at Friars' Bakery in San Francisco, California, overseeing the work
of ten other bakers. Today I'm hoping that my experience and expertise, especially with desserts
and party cakes, will land me a position with Best Bread Bakery.
When I saw your call for a baker on I knew I wanted to apply for the position.
That is my purpose for writing this cover letter today. I'd like to meet you and show you pictures
of some of the goods I've baked, many of which have been award-winners.
If you're available to get together, please let me know. My cell phone is with me and on at all
times. (789-567-4563) Name a date and hour that best suits you and I'll be there.
Paul Collard
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