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Abhishek Ankit
Campus Address Permanent Address
2526 Prairie Lane 152 Main Street
Boone, 1A 50036 Omaha, NE 68235
515-232-5718 402-442-7793
January 23, 2010
Mr. Ron Pascel, HR Department
Prime Financial Prime Park Place
Des Moines, lA 50023
Dear Mr. Pascel:
Mary Randi at the Midwest Community College Career Fair suggested I send you my resume for
the Sales Advisor internship. My education combined with my past work experiences makes me a
strong candidate for Prime Financial.
While working toward my Associate of Arts degree in Financial Management from Midwest
Community College, I have learned the value of fiscal responsibility. For example, in my social
financial planning course, I developed a strategic plan to eliminate credit card debt for a one-
income household with two children. Moreover, in my business communication course, I
improved my oral communication ability so that I could effectively communicate my plans to
potential clients. This ability will be an asset to Prime Financial as the organization works to
maintain the strong relationship with the community and small business owners that Ms. Randi
informed me about.
My financial education, combined with my previous work experiences in sales, will allow me to
thoroughly analyze investment opportunities and establish a strong client base for Prime Financial.
For example, I started the A-Plus T-Shirt Company that sold graphic T-shirts to high school
students; it had a routine client base of over 150 customers. From managing this business, I know
what it takes to be reliable and responsive to customer needs. 1 am looking forward to learning
new approaches from Prime Financial's internship, particularly new ways to work with small
With my education and experience, I can provide the innovative and competitive edge necessary
to be part of your team. I would welcome an interview to discuss your internship and the
contributions I could make at Prime Financial.
Abhishek Ankit
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