Rotating Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Internship Cover Letter

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Nicole Marie Dielo
2307 SW 32
Pl., Apt. 8
Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 373-5591
November 13, 2009
Dr. Michael S. Garvey
Director, Bobst Hospital
Animal Medical Center
510 E. 62
New York, NY 10021
Dear Doctor Garvey,
Please accept this letter and enclosed documents as application for a rotating small animal medicine and surgery
internship position at the Animal Medical Center.
My upbringing as the only child of a single working mother imprinted me with certain goals that I continuously
strive to achieve: perform every task to the best of my ability, regardless how small; embrace education, for it is
the basis of personal growth, success and confidence; and finally, give back to the community with my time,
money and knowledge. After carefully considering the options, I know that an internship is the best way to
achieve my goals.
As we look ahead to graduation, students must realize that we are about to begin a new life: a professional life as
a veterinarian. It would be naïve to assume that four years in veterinary school could fully prepare anyone for the
challenges that lie ahead. I believe an internship will accelerate my growth as a new graduate; it will provide a
high caseload and emergency experience to increase my confidence in handling various patients and problems. In
anticipation of working with a spectrum of emergencies, I have been a member of the Student Chapter of the
Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society and participated in an emergency procedures wet-lab last spring.
I also completed a one-week externship in the Colorado State University critical care department.
Continuing education is an essential component of a desirable internship. Didactic lectures, daily rounds, and
informal teaching will solidify and expand my knowledge base. My involvement in many different clubs in
veterinary school—Canine, Feline, Holistic, Wildlife, Emergency, Shelter, Business, American Animal Hospital
Association, Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association—enabled me to attend extra
lectures each month and assimilate information that was not covered during classes. These organizations also
provided an opportunity to practice skills such as surgery, physical therapy, and ultrasound. I have attended many
conferences and symposia since freshman year to further my education and become more involved in the
veterinary community. Veterinary medicine is a wonderful and challenging profession because it demands that we
are informed about recent research and developments. I look forward to working with specialists who can share
their own research results as well as the latest developments in the field.
My goal as a veterinarian is to be an excellent general practitioner who treats small animals, including pet exotics,
and offers alternative medicine for those clients who are interested. In addition to attending Wildlife Club lectures
and wet-labs, my coursework includes classes in reptile surgery and medicine and avian surgery and
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