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October 10, 2009 Jennifer Carr
1000 Trinity Ridge Road
Apartment 301
Raleigh, NC 27607
Dr. Mark Rondeau
University of Pennsylvania
Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital
3900 Delancey Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104- 6010
Dear Dr. Rondeau,
Please accept this letter and the enclosed documents as an application for a rotating small animal internship at
the University of Pennsylvania. It is my hope to complete an internship with the ultimate goal of entering a surgical
residency program. Born and raised in Connecticut, I completed my undergraduate work in Delaware and love the North
East. I am most anxious to return to that area of the U.S. after completing my veterinary degree.
Over the last few months I have visited many high quality veterinary institutions, including the Animal Medical
Center, Tufts University, The Ohio State University, and Michigan State University. In November I completed a critical care
externship at the University of Pennsylvania. The ICU and emergency clinicians at the Matthew J. Ryan Hospital are
extraordinarily passionate about their work and provided strong mentorship for their interns. Mentorship is one of many
qualities I seek in an internship program. The large caseload, prime location in a big city and personal clinician interactions
are unsurpassed by any other institution, and it is my hope to be part of such a well rounded and talented group of
Becoming a surgeon has always been a dream of mine, and throughout the last few years at NCSU I have had the
opportunity to see firsthand the responsibilities and challenges that face academic veterinary surgeons. Although it seems
glamorous from the outside, dedicated surgeons often work longer hours, and harder than all their peers. They work late into the
evening to finish total hip replacements, come in at midnight to correct GDVs and return at 6 am to start all over again. The
surgeons at NCSU have proved to be a gold standard, which I hope to emulate. By completing a rotating internship I hope to gain
practical experience managing all types of cases so that I can become a well rounded veterinary surgeon.
During most of my extracurricular veterinary career, I have worked at emergency clinics. Critical care facilities
have a way of developing, sharpening and ultimately testing one’s skills on a daily basis. This form of practice demands that
you think on your toes in a fast paced, ever changing environment that is highly charged with emotions. I have no doubt that
this experience has truly helped shape me into who I am today. Additionally, I have worked on numerous research projects
in the areas of pain management and orthopedic surgery, two of which have publications pending. Conducting veterinary
research is invaluable to me and a top priority. It is because of this passion that I hope to continue research throughout my
internship and into a residency. Academia provides a strong foundation for the future of veterinary medicine and it is my
goal to ultimately teach surgery at a university. It is only in that setting that I will be able to combine state-of-the-art clinical
practice and a strong research career.
As noted in my resumé, I was President of the very active NCSU Veterinary Business Management Association
last year. This is a wonderful organization that promotes business acumen and professional development within veterinary
students. Nonetheless, my passions for clinical research, surgery and critical care, all areas of strength at the University of
Pennsylvania, make me well suited for your internship. I am very dedicated to my patients and have an insatiable thirst for
learning and perfecting my clinical skills.
I am extremely interested in an internship at your institution and would be more than happy to discuss any of my
current or future ventures with you further. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information. I
look forward to hearing from you soon.
Jennifer Carr
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