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Restaurant General Manager Cover Letter Sample
Dear Mr Jackson:
This is to inform you that I am interested to work in your organization for the position of
restaurant manager.
I learned about the post in Week Day Times, dated 6th September. I have the required experience
and educational background you are looking for in an ideal candidate. I have worked as restaurant
manager for the past ten years. I have worked with Simply Food Restaurant for five years as an
assistant general manager and later I joined Aroma Restaurant as a general manager. As a general
manager, I was solely responsible oversee the smooth running of the restaurant and see to it that
all the activities works normally. In both the restaurants, I was also responsible for hiring the staff
for the restaurant and involve more of budgeting and account section. I am capable of working in
any pressurized situations. My abilities to tackle both clients and the employees make me an apt
candidate for the job role. My work in my previous work places was always appreciated and it got
me a lot of reorganization from a lot of clients.
This is what I have to offer your company and I am sure you will find me worth the job role. I
would welcome an opportunity to meet you in person and discuss on this further. You can always
call me at (823)-302-1825 or e-mail me at
Cover letter sample
Yours sincerely,
Mark Dixon
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