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Joe Torero
123 Elm Street • San Diego, CA 92110 • (619) 555-5555
October 5, 2013
Ronald Glenn
Director, Community Partnerships
555 Glendale Parkway
San Diego, CA 92108
Dear Mr. Glenn:
I am contacting you in response to your advertisement for a Residential Counselor posted on your
website. As you will note in the enclosed resume, I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in
Psychology from the University of San Diego. I have outlined the requirements you are seeking
that correspond with my skills and experiences.
Social service experience with children, adolescents and families
During my summer internship at the San Diego Alliance for Families, I worked closely with
mental health professionals providing counseling and program treatment to patients with alcohol
or other chemical dependencies. Working with a caseworker, I interviewed, assessed and
developed treatment and discharge plans for a caseload of 20 patients. As a Big Brother with Big
Brothers and Sisters of San Diego County, I served for 18 months as a mentor and positive role
model to an underprivileged 13-year-old boy.
Excellent interpersonal skills
For over a year, I have worked in Nordstrom’s Customer Service Department. In that capacity, I
respond in a calm and professional manner to the complaints of dissatisfied customers. I also
answer phones, issue refunds, place online orders, and respond to questions from vendors and
warehouse personnel. During that time, I have never received a complaint, and have been cited
repeatedly for my responsiveness to the concerns of customers and vendors alike.
Strong problem solving and teamwork skills
As vice president of my fraternity, I work cooperatively with executive board members to resolve
difficult interpersonal and procedural problems. I plan, schedule and conduct weekly meetings,
and enforce fraternity rules and regulations.
I look forward to the prospect of working for Community Partnerships. I am available for an
interview at your convenience. Thank you for giving my application serious consideration.
Joe Torero
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