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20 Bowdoin Street
Boston, MA 02114
617. 337. 4218
February 15, 2---
Professor Thomas Smith
Syracuse University College of Law
Syracuse, NY 13244
Dear Professor Smith:
Please accept this letter and the enclosed supporting
materials as my application for a Research and Writing Instructor
position for the academic year commencing in September 2---.
Since September 2---, I have served as law clerk to U.S. District
Court Judge Alice Applewhite of the U.S. District Court for the District of
Massachusetts. At the time I accepted this position, I was in my sixth year
of litigation practice. Despite my successes in that arena, I wanted an
opportunity to serve the public as an attorney and to devote more time to
research and writing. I was fortunate to be given that chance by Judge
Applewhite, and I have continued happily in her service for more than
three years. Although I truly love my work and the challenges it presents,
as well as life in New England, I am returning to Syracuse to be closer to
my family.
I am extremely interested in transitioning to academia. While in law
school, I served as a Teaching Assistant and then later as a Head Teaching
Assistant, where I was responsible for instructing 9rst year students in
legal writing and oral advocacy. I have co-authored two law review articles
on the impact of the ADA on HIV-related illnesses. I also have extensive
experience supervising law students. I served as the internship supervisor
during my tenure at Sotheby’s law 9rm and oversaw the work of the
judicial interns in my judge’s chambers. I believe that the combination of
my academic and scholarly endeavors coupled with my experience
working with law students make me an ideal candidate for this teaching
I enclose a resume, writing sample and two letters of
recommendation as requested. I would be happy to provide any
additional information that would be helpful to you in evaluating my
candidacy. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Very truly yours,
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