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Dear Mr. Jones:
I was pleased to find your advertisement in The Gleanor for the position of Registered Nurse in your New Graduate
RN program.
For your convenience I have included a point-by-point comparison of how my qualifications meet your stated
job requirements.
Previous experience in hospital environment. My education and experience have provided me with
excellent knowledge acute patient care, family relations, and other relevant skills required to be an
effective team member. Have had clinical rotations in ICU, Emergency, Medical/Surgical, Obstetrics,
and Psychiatric.
Graduate from Accredited School of Nursing and Current State Licensure as an RN. Graduated from
Henderson Community College with a 3.6 GPA. Maintains a current KY state licensure
Ability to maintain confidentiality. Proven track record maintaining patient confidentiality in compliance
with HIPPA and JACHO regulations.
My strong initiative and organizational skills, combined with my ability to work under stressful conditions, will
enable me to make a substantial contribution to Methodist Hospital.
There are other areas of accomplishment in my background that should be of interest to you. I look forward to meeting
with you to discuss them further. If I do not hear from you with in the next week, I will call your office to follow-up on this
exciting opportunity.
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