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Prospector’s Cover Letter / Letter of Inquiry:
EMAIL SUBJECT: Radiographic Technologist Position Inquiry
Dear Director of Radiology:
This email is in regards to my interest in inquiring if there are any Radiological Technologist full time
positions opening in the near future. I have recently completed my studies in the JCERT accredited
Champlain College Radiography Program and passed my ARRT exam in May 2010. The passion I have
for this field of work is shown in my drive and dependability within my work. I am available to relocate
for a full time position and flexible to work around the many shift changes that could come with any
available openings in your department.
Having completed 1,700 hours of clinical experience at a level 1 trauma center I am familiar with
high volume work environments and am very experienced with learning operations and policies
quickly. I use my organizational skills to manage multiple priorities and my compassion towards
others in caring for patients in all circumstances.
My work ethic and loyalty would bring your clinic excellent patient care, quality x-ray imaging,
dependability, and flexibility. I hope that you will consider me for any Radiographic Technologist
positions that open up at your clinic. I can be reached any time via my cell phone, 802-865-5462, or by
email at Thank you for your time and consideration.
Calvin Broadus
EMAIL SUBJECT: Radiographic Technologist Per Diem Position Inquiry
Dear Mr. Zimmerman:
Throughout my studies at Champlain College, my professors have often mentioned Princeton-Plainsboro
Teaching Hospital and the many interesting cases your Radiology department has been involved with.
Your reputation for innovation and integrity is well known. It seems to me that the Princeton-Plainsboro
Teaching Hospital would be the ideal place to learn “best practices” of a Radiography Department. In
fact, that’s why I am writing you.
As a As a senior in the Champlain College Radiography Program, I am seeking a per diem position as a
Radiological Technician next Spring. Does Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital ever offer such
opportunities to college students? Would you consider doing so next semester? I am sure that my work
ethic and loyalty would bring your clinic excellent patient care, quality x-ray imaging, dependability, and
flexibility while learning first-hand from recognized professionals. I am equally confident that the
experience and recognition of working at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital would prove valuable
as I enter the job market upon graduation next May. Please find attached my resume detailing my
academic knowledge and technical skills.
Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards,
Terry Gene
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