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Mr. Leonard L. Levine
4556 Clement Street
Atlanta, GA 30303
Ms. Aurelia J. Bennett
Human Resources
Defthon Technologies
21 Kuhl Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30646
Sub: Job application for the position of Quality Assurance Analyst
Dear Ms. Bennett,
Upon viewing Defthon's website, I came to know about the job vacancies within your organization
and immediately decided to draft an application for the position of a Quality Assurance Analyst. I
have graduated in the stream of IT, from the University of Georgia, in the year 2008. Since
November 2008, I have been working in Syntel Technologies, Columbus, GA, as a Sr. Software
Testing Engineer.
I would like to say that my education and employment has helped me in realizing my true
potential to grow within the field of quality analysis. Throughout my stay in Syntel, I have been
involved in the following activities -
Functionality and regression testing, automated testing, manual testing, system integration
testing, user acceptance testing, database testing, etc
Preparing documentation of several tests conducted and recording all the issues faced for
future reference
Analyzing the test reports so as to determine and suggest a suitable solution to the web
development team
Determine and suggest automated solutions for manual testing techniques for certain
software and application
Participate and assist in internal quality audit
Besides the above roles, I have also been engaged in several activities pertaining to identification
of defects and errors, observed while testing of various software and applications. I have included
detailed job descriptions in my resume, attached herewith. I am also proficient in using SQL and
TSL for the maintenance and verification (ASIC Verification) of the data present in the database. I
also possess excellent communication, documentation, and analytical skills to help me in the
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