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Stacy Thimble
445 Corduroy Blvd.
Pincushion, AL 88764
July 4th, 2005
Jimmy Mink
Slinky Minky
332 Silken Thread Lane
Yourtown, UT 88855
Mr. Mink
As you are no doubt aware, the world of Purchasing Agents is a small one. I was
recently speaking to Dawn Felicidades, a Purchasing Agent who works for you and
she said that an opening has just come up in your Women’s Fashion department. I
am very interested in meeting with you and telling you how I could bring some
very valuable skills and experiences to that department.
For starters, I have been working my way towards a Purchasing Agent in a leading
retail store for most of my career. I studied Fashion Design as an undergraduate in
the Fashion Institute in New York City. Eventually, I chose not to pursue a career as
a designer. However, I did become convinced that the world of fashion and design
was where I would spend my working life.
I began my working career with a job in the Purchasing Department of Goggly
Woggly, a boutique that specializes in teen fashions as an apprentice Purchasing
Agent. It was in that early job that I began to learn the basics of the job, and how
it s much more than simply looking for “cool clothes.” I learned the importance of
the <nancial aspect of the job, the relationship-building with other agents and
reps, and the quantitative research elements of the position.
From Goggly Woggly, I moved into a more senior position as a full->edged
Purchasing Agent at Tricky Licky, a slightly larger retail chain. At Trickly Licky, I
further expanded my skill set into supervising other Agents and developing a
longer-range strategy. Today, after earning Employee of the Year honors twice in
three years, I am ready to take my skillsets to another, larger and more
challenging job. I look forward to a chance to tell you more about it all in person.
Speak to you soon,
Stacy Thimble
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