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776 Horizon Terrace, Lincoln, NE 67798, 555-555-5555,
April 24, 2006
Federal Emergency Management Agency
500 C Street, SW, Room 1125
Washington, DC 20909
Attention: Florence Smithson
Dear Ms. Smithson:
I am submitting this application for the position as a program specialist advertised in your
announcement, FEMA-98-48326-MAJ. This announcement indicated that several positions will
be filled in the GS-11-12-13 range. I would appreciate your consideration and believe that my
education and experience make me qualified at the highest level.
This packed contains all information requested in the position announcement. I have included a
complete Federal resume as requested in the announcement. Allow me to elaborate upon the
knowledge, skills, and abilities identified there.
My knowledge of Federal, state, and local government operations has developed through both my
education (a political science minor) and seven years of progressively responsible work for state
and Federal agencies with interwoven responsibilities.
My ability to conduct research and develop reports is reflected in both a senior thesis, “The
Legacy of Failure in Educational Policy,” and in reports prepared in junior positions at the
Department of Housing and Urban Development. One of these was cited by my current supervisor
in proposing me for the Secretary’s Award, which I won this year.
Recent responsibilities have included service on an interagency task force that required evaluation
of national security contingency plans. Members of the working group included representatives of
state and local governments. My college studies included courses in American history,
constitutional politics and law, and American politics (including a section on national security
Thank you for your consideration, and I am eager to provide any additional information that you
might need to evaluate this application.
Marisue M. Sweetwater
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