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Dear Ms. Name
Upon hearing of this position as Program Administrator - Scientist, I knew it was a great
opportunity. My experience has prepared me for this role.
I have had experience with grants. I successfully wrote one to the NIH while in graduate school
to support my graduate work. As a postdoc intern, I co-wrote one to the NIH to support the research and
teacher training for postdocs. Although the results are still pending, there is sufficient reason to be
optimistic that my insistence to write this proposal will pay off. I also wrote two proposals for the
Provost’s Diversity Fund to support the recruitment of postdocs at national scientific conferences. The
results of that proposal should be in by end of May.
Communicating and collaborating with folks from various schools on PENN’s campus is
something I do with great pleasure and has been incredibly rewarding. Particularly so, since one example
of that arduous labor will come to fruition in the fall of this year when seven schools will take part in a
recruitment effort at two national, minority, scientific conferences. In fact, I designed the flyers used for
advertising in program booklets as well as the promotional materials that will be distributed at those
conferences. I have also prepared materials for distribution at advisory committee meetings as well as
tended to activities related to effectively running workshops. These examples of my experience are a
concise sample of what I would draw from in the work I could do for the Organization Name.
My experience, again, beyond what I have briefly described here from my most recent role, has
fully prepared me for this position. I would be happy to discuss the position of Program Administrator
and to meet with you in person. Please feel free to contact me if you require further information or would
like to schedule an interview. I appreciate your consideration of my application for this position.
Name, Ph.D.
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