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Merchandiser Cover Letter Example
Hiring Manager
Learnist Ltd
30 Viva Street
6BH 11CH
20 May 2014
Dear Sirs
I would be pleased if you would consider my application for the position of merchandiser which
was advertised in the Evening Post last week.
I do have some five years’ experience as a merchandiser, but I understand that this vacancy is a
little more senior than my current position and involves more travelling. I very rarely visit
suppliers as they have been providing our store with products for many years. I have, obviously
increased the number of suppliers over the years and went to see them regularly for the first few
Unfortunately, our store is under some financial constraints, along with many other retail
companies. This has hampered my ability to find new suppliers in the recent months.
You have several regional stores and I welcome the opportunity to visit them on a regular basis to
discuss sales promotions and stock levels etc. I note that you provide a company car and I can
confirm that I have a clean driving licence.
I have enclosed a copy of my CV together with additional details regarding my degree in
marketing. I feel sure that I could make a positive contribution to your company.
I am available for an interview at any date suitable for you. I hope to hear from you in due course.
Yours faithfully
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