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17th July 2013
Dear Mr McEnroe,
In response to your advertisement posted on the University’s JobsOnline Database, please find
attached my CV for consideration of the above post. I am in the process of completing my
dissertation for the MSc in Personal, Mobile and Satellite Communications at the University of
Bradford and I expect to graduate with a distinction in January 2015. I believe I have the
necessary skills, qualities and knowledge to perform effectively in this role.
My experience at Specialist Computers Centre in Birmingham involved working in a variety of
roles, from IT helpdesk to network maintenance and administration. Working with a team of
senior engineers often required me to be very knowledgeable about the products being installed
and I particularly relished any opportunity to work on antenna installations.
As part of the MSc Programme, I completed the Radio Transmission and Reception Module, as
well as an Antenna Design Module, which introduced me to the wireless channel and its effects on
radio microwave signals used for today’s wireless communications. These modules enabled me to
appreciate the huge challenge facing mobile communications and created a deeper desire to
further pursue a career in this area and tackle the many problems associated with RF signal
Apart from being a proactive learner, I am also involved in extra-curricular activities such as
competing in debates and golf; developing the competitive nature in me. Debating, in particular,
has allowed me to think on my feet, critically analysing arguments and above all improve my
communication and interpersonal skills that will be of great value to your company. The game of
golf on the other hand, has instilled discipline, patience, strategic thinking and a sense of caution
when approaching a problem enabling me to better understand the intrinsic value or tactical
planning when dealing with obstacles in everyday life.
BT has been regarded as one of the leading firms in the field and, as such, has built a reputation of
professionalism, integrity and efficiency, all of which are values I hope to gain should I be
successful in this application. Your consistent achievement of being ranked among the Top 100
Graduate Employers in the UK also speaks volumes of your ability to groom individuals such as
myself to achieve greater value and capabilities.
I hope you will find my details of interest, however, should you have any further queries, please
contact me either on my mobile (07719 111 222) or via email ( I
look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Yours sincerely,
Tiger Woods
Mr John McEnroe
Principal Engineer
British Telecoms Ltd.
10 Downing Street
LS16 1QF
Tiger Woods
102 Carnoustie Meadows
Bloomfield Road
West Yorkshire
BD16 1XX
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