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Jason S. Brown
4404 Meadow Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73135
December 23, 2011
Bennie I. Easley
2948 Hog Camp Road
Chicago, IL 60605
Ref.: Referred by James A. Armstead Management Director Arabella Inc.
With reference to James A Armstead I came to know about the opening of an operational research
analyst in your well esteemed organization.
Four years of experience as an operations research analyst has refined my practical knowledge
about the area of research and operations. It has developed new insights into it and given me
expert knowledge about the systematic analysis and technical problem solving with the use of
advanced tools. Please find the attached documents and certificates which will give you additional
information about my profile.
Hope you will consider my application positively. For additional information, you can contact me
at the above mentioned address if required.
Thank you, Yours sincerely,Jason S. Brown
Certificates of experience
Appreciation certificate
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