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Johanna Greet
56 Hodges Road
Pilberry NSW 2000
T: 02 5555 555 555
M: 1111 111 111
Carrie Flemming
PO Box 8888
Pilberry NSW 2000
Dear Ms Flemming
Re: Online Editor,
Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the position of Online Editor at as
advertised on Seek on February 23.
I am an enthusiastic, focused and organised editor and writer specialising in online media. I have
worked on some of the most innovative independent media projects to come out of Australia in the
past few years, where I have researched, written and edited on topics including Australian and
international politics, the arts, new media and popular culture.
As the Editor of Talk Online, I manage a team of 36 reporters, editors, photographers and
designers from around the country on a political blog that has gained a strong national readership.
I have a strong background commissioning content from some of Australia's leading writers, and
preparing written and visual content to daily deadlines.
My writing is published regularly in top Australian publications and websites, including the
Courier Pigeon, The Pilberry Morning Herald, The bi-Monthly, Pen Club, Cleopatra, Saturday
Magazine, and others.
I have attached my resume and examples of my published work for your perusal. I look forward
to meeting with you to discuss this exciting opportunity further.
Yours sincerely
[sign here]
Johanna Greet
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