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Annie Wilkinson,
South Park Avenue,
267/98, Miami
Contact No.: 165-160-5277
Ms Katherine Keller
Hiring Manager,
Hemisphere Craft Studio,
NV 83797, Los Angeles.
Dear Madam,
I came to know about the aforesaid opening from Mr. Kelvin Nottingham, assistant manager
crafting department in your company. He informed me that you are in search of a trained
craftsman and a custom jewelry designer. So, I would be glad if you accept my application for the
I would like to state that I have completed a course in CAD and CAM that are related to computer
aided designing and machining. It will prove to be beneficial to you to add speed to designing and
I will help to create a digital jewelry line and a whole range of customized jewelry designs. I am
well acquainted with diamond grading and advanced stone settings. For designing of customized
jewelry I have completed several computer based courses which have given me a better insight
into designing and design coding.
I look forward for an affirmative reply from you and hope that I will get a chance to have a
personal interaction with you so that I can prove my credentials and can show you my designs as
Thank you,
Yours sincerely,
Annie Wilkinson
Specimen photographs of the designs
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