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RN Residency Program
Legacy Employment Services
1120 N.W. 20
, Suite 111
Portland, Oregon, 97209
To Whom If May Concern:
My name is [name] and I am a graduating senior from Linfield-Good Samaritan School of
Nursing. I am seeking a registered nurse inter position in the Legacy Health System.
Being a nursing student connected to the Legacy Health System, I have been given great
opportunities to have many clinical experiences in the various departments of Legacy and have
been very impressed by the overall quality of care that organization offers its clientele. During the
fall of my senior year, I completed 144 hours of clinical time in the Surgical Specialties unit of
Emanuel Hospital for my senior practicum. This gave me confidence that Emanuel was an
organization I wished to seek employment from. Following the experience, I gained a position as a
certified nursing assistant in that unit and have worked there throughout the rest of my schooling.
My skills and confidence in working with the staff and the overall operating systems have grown.
I feel that I would be an asset to Legacy Health Systems in demonstrating the core values of
teamwork, respect and caring, taking initiative and effective use of resources. My clinical and
work experiences have taught me to focus on the client, work with a team, and develop problem
solving skills, Good communication with one another is very important to me and showing respect
for the diversity of the staff and clientele is essential. In an environment of continuous change, I
will be committed to sharing in the advancements and successes of the organization, enabling the
individual and corporate achievement of Legacy’s mission and vision. I realize that my own
personal health is important in order to maintain high performance on the job.
Throughout my nursing training and experiences with various healthcare organizations, Legacy
Health System has stood out as being a good fit with my own professional values. The strides you
have taken to provide quality care and remain competitive in the industry have made your
company attractive as a future employer.
I would very much like to opportunity to speak with you about the registered nurse internship
position. I will call late during the week of [date] to inquire about meeting with you, or you can
contact me at [phone number]. Thank you for considering me for this position.
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