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Phone #
Nursing Recruitment
OHSU Employment Division-HR
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Portland, OR 97201-3098
Dear Nursing Recruitment,
I am a senior nursing student who will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing this (date). I am
interested in the internship/residency nursing program at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). I have
enclosed my resume for your consideration.
This semester I have had the opportunity to learn about OHSU from an insiders perspective. I am currently at
OHSU for a clinical rotation focused on stewardship and leadership. My preceptor, the magnet project coordinator,
has already taught me a great deal about OHSU’s plan to strive towards magnet status. I am impressed by the
changes that have already occurred at OHSU as well as the commitment demonstrated to improve the environment
for nurses to ensure better patient outcomes. OHSU’s devotion to magnetism ensures nurses are able to practice
autonomously, work with other competent nurses, and be supported in continued education efforts.
I have had clinical experiences in a variety of hospital and community settings. This opportunity has greatly
increased my awareness of specific health concerns and the needs of different populations. I have completed
clinical rotations at organizations including St. Vincent’s Hospital Labor and Delivery, Western Farm Workers
Association supporting migrant farm workers, Macdonald’s Center for individual’s suffering from mental illness
and homelessness, Meridian Park Hospital Medical Surgical floor, Emanuel Hospital pediatrics, Providence Elder
Place Clinic, Meridian Park Hospital Emergency Department (ED), and Good Samaritan Hospital Kern Intensive
Care Unit (ICU). These diverse learning experiences have strengthened my ability to assess, diagnose, and
communicate with different community populations.
Two clinical experiences I most benefited from were my rotations through the ED and my senior practicum
experience in the ICU. During these practice situations, I had the opportunity to practice psychomotor skills such as
IV placement, blood draws, and Foley catheter insertion. My learning experience for both rotations focused on
critical thinking and organizational skills, both of which are essential for ICU and ED nurses. In the ICU, I was able
to take my own patients, with supervision of a preceptor, and organize their care during my 12-hour shift. I was
responsible for communicating with the patient, the interdisciplinary team, and the patient’s family regarding the
patient’s critical dynamic health status. This opportunity to practice more independently was a challenging and
fearful experience that increased my confidence and competency in nursing.
I appreciate your time in reviewing my application and resume. Thank you for your consideration for employment,
I look forward to the opportunity to interview for OHSU.
Thank you,
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