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Karyn Brown
Phone: (662) 555
January 11, 2006,
MrFS. Hammond Reynolds
1175NSouthPeachtree Street
NE, Suite #100
Atlanta, GA 30361-200
Dear Mr. Reynolds,
I am writing with interest in applying for position with FSN South. ELABORATE ABOUT WHY YOU
WANT TO WORK HERE. I believe my various skills are needed in the industry. I have put my skills to
practice outside of the class room. My experience includes holding several different positions (talent,
producer, and production) on a number of broadcast news shows. Recently, I produced and hosted my own
thirty -minute interview show, which focused on a variety of important topics. Al l of the programs air on
MSTV-18, which reaches 9,000 households. Also, in my experience I have had to opportunity to work with
FSN South, among other networks (ESPN and Crosscreek Productions), with production of various sports
events. This experience was the most rewarding because I got to be a part of your organization’s team and
work on productions focused on southern sports. My willingness to learn, work hard, and interest in the
sports industry, makes me an ideal candidate for this position. You can be assured that I will give you 100%.
Thank you for your careful consideration of my credentials. If you would like any additional information, or
samples of my work, feel free to contact me by phone, (662) 555 -5555, or e-mail,
( .
I look forward to hearing from you soon. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration for this
Karyn Brown
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