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Jean Louise Finch 350 Third Street Sacramento, CA 95020
August 18, 2013
Thomas Robinson
Vice President of Operations
Wireless Solutions, Inc.
3578 Tucker Road
Sacramento, CA 95026
Dear Mr. Robinson:
It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday at the University of the Pacific Career & Internship Faire.
As we discussed, I am extremely interested in the Technical Assistant position with Wireless
Solutions, Inc. I am graduating in May with my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science with a
minor in Business Management.
A degree in Computer Science gives me distinguished domain knowledge in information
technology. The first domain is software design and implementation. I am most proficient in C/C+
+ and Java, but my experience gives me the ability to pick up any software language and adapt to
client solutions.
Over the last year, I have worked on two network applications that give the best demonstration of
my skills. The first was my senior project, where I designed a multithreaded peer-to-peer instant
messenger application, written in Java, using UDP protocols. The purpose was to allow users to
communicate with other users on the same network and to chain different networks together. The
second project included a network device driver and service for Independent Study credit. For this
project, I modified an existing Microsoft project called VirtualWifi. The purpose was to improve
Microsoft's experimental open source code for other wireless adapters and reduce packet loss.
Both projects can be found on my website:
The second domain knowledge I posses includes an understanding of business management and
organization. The Computer Information Systems coursework included business classes which
included semester projects for a team of students. These projects gave me an understanding of
financial, project, and team management. For example, in my Corporate Finance course, my role
in my group was to determine the weighted average cost of capital of PG&E to determine how
well the company is doing for 2008.
During my senior year, I have done seasonal contract work at CFC Insurance Marketing where I
gained ASP, Microsoft Access, SQL skills. In this role, I designed web interfaces in ASP with SQL
and Microsoft Access queries, for about five marketers. The purpose of the web interface was for
the marketers to maintain a database of 4000 agents.
I also interned at Guess Inc. where I gained valuable troubleshooting and communication skills. In
this role, I performed helpdesk support including password resets, general desktop and printer
troubleshooting, and moving computer equipment across the GUESS campus.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss this opening
with you in person.
Jean Louise Finch
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