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Sample Cover letter for .NET Programmer
David Parks
2295 Lake Road
Phone: 609-341-4479
Daniel Craver
Tellabs Inc.
4479 Bassel Street
New Orleans
Date: 01-11-2010
Dear Mr.Craver,
Skills required for .NET Programmer can perfectly match with my educational background and
working experience. Data placed by you on source considerably meets with my requirement.
Tellabs Inc. in Trenton is known for its business ethics and it would be great to work under great
My work experience includes:
Working to stringent deadlines to develop complex Warrants, BACS vouchers, Share
Certificates using Object Oriented Perl and XML.
Data extraction and analysis using Perl to calculate accurate share figures and forecasting.
Manipulating investment data to create SIP statements, dividend and bond payments.
Analysis of investment portfolios to provide statistical data and market report figures via
the use of Perl.
Designing and implementing programming queries in relation to customer requests for
specific financial data.
Lastly I would like to add that my hard working ability would definitely work in the favor of your
company, just need a chance to prove myself. Benevolently arrange the meeting as per your time
Yours Sincerely
(David Parks)
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