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Christopher Stevens
Ch. E118, 4 Place Edouard Branly
Metz 57070 France
8 February 2005
Dear Sir or Madam,
As a graduate student seeking an internship in the context of my dual-degree study at
the Georgia Institute of Technology and Supélec, I have been attracted by the innovative
research and development opportunities in digital technology at Philips. This includes in
particular the emerging area of mobile video applications.
My recent graduate studies in ECE at Georgia Tech consist of a diverse curriculum of
signal processing and communications topics with elective courses on the software
development process, as well a minor in mechanical engineering; the experience at
Supélec includes a broad range of courses in computer science and digital systems.
Coursework during my undergraduate in the United States was also based on a strong
computer engineering and signal processing core which I augmented with classes and
teaching assistantships in computer science.
I have also had the opportunity between my undergraduate and graduate studies to
work at Unicoi Systems, an embedded software 3rm in Atlanta. I was able to exercise
considerable personal initiative and creativity by designing and implementing a small
embedded web server, in addition to my original role in maintaining and enhancing a
series of XML tools for the company.
Another bene3t was the invaluable team experience necessitated by the integration of
various di6erent software products which in turn promoted interaction with a diverse set of
experienced engineers.
I believe that Philips would provide an excellent possibility to make a contribution to the
engineering process, while at the same time encouraging and aiding my own
professional growth in being able to implement my academic knowledge on a practical
level. I thank you for considering my application and look forward to hearing from you.
Christopher C. Stevens
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