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123 East 99th Street
Dallas, TX 99999
(707) 898-4381
June 28, 2010
Ms. Jane Doe
Director, Social Services
ABC Hospital
123 Southern Drive
Dallas, TX 99999
Dear Ms. Doe:
I am writing to introduce myself to you as a newcomer to the Dallas area. The Dallas Times recently ran an
article about the new rehabilitation program at ABC Hospital which sounded particularly interesting to me. I
am seeking a social work position within the medical community, assisting patients and their families,
manage the problems that accompany illness, recovery and rehabilitation. In the event that you are going to
be hiring new staff for this program, I would like to be considered for any open position.
As indicated in my enclosed resume, I hold an MSW from the University of Pennsylvania with a
specialization in health care and have had experience within health care settings in a variety of roles,
including counselor, advocate and educator. Toward the development of these skills I took the initiative to
design my own undergraduate academic program. Course work in health care systems in conjunction
with a hospital-based internship as a patient representative, facilitated the development of my
professional understanding and competencies even at an undergraduate level.
In my most recent position, while earning my Master's degree, I was fortunate to unite personal and
professional interests through my involvement with cardiac rehabilitation patients. Whether I remain
involved with this specialty, or work with the broad population of health care recipients, I am most
eager to utilize my knowledge, skills and values towards the humanization of medical care delivery.
Thank you for the time spent reviewing my resume. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you
personally. I will call you the week of July 10 to see whether we can arrange a mutually convenient
time for a personal interview. Thank you.
Beth Bradley
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