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Dear Dr. Chen,
I am writing to express my interest in applying for an internship with DuPont. I attended your
DuPont information session at the University of Maryland, College Park and was later informed
of this position through e-mail. As a chemical engineer, I hope to influence the outcome of
important projects and see real world application of the concepts I have learned in my first two
years of engineering classes.
Over the summer I participated in a renewable energy program based in Costa Rica. The program
educated me about implementation and production of renewable energy sources and instilled in
me a strong desire to make a global difference. I am highly driven to make a positive impact in
the world by improving consumers’ lives through ethical and environmentally sustainable
means. DuPont’s core values resonate strongly with me and I am particularly interested in your
megatrends of Sustainable Food and Energy. I look forward to using the internship as a way to be
a part of DuPont’s pursuit of scientific advancement while upholding the company’s core values.
As an active learner, I would quickly adjust to the demands of a DuPont internship and I will
maximize the opportunities presented to me through an established company. Overall I am a
very committed person and will work hard on a project from start to finish, ensuring the best
outcome. I am a dedicated member of the Engineers Without Borders chapter at the University of
Maryland. I am collaborating on a project to design and implement a water sanitation system to
support a population of several hundred in Sierra Leone. Through this project I have practiced
effective researching techniques and made significant contributions in order to meet required
deadlines to have a deliverable system by the summer of 2014. Through athletics, extracurricular
activities, and classes I have had enormous exposure to team dynamics and different
forms of leadership.
I am confident that with my skills and qualifications, I will be able to positively contribute to
DuPont’s internship program. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions at (123)456-
7890. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.
Marta Perez
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