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July 1, 2012
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Dear Ms. [Last Name]:
I am writing to inquire about the possibility of a Mechanical Engineering internship or co-op at
[Company]. As I enter my third year of mechanical engineering coursework at the University of
Massachusetts Lowell, I find the opportunities to apply my skills and gain engineering
experience at [Company] very exciting. A musician myself, I grew up with [Company]’s unique
sound products and have always found them fascinating. I have enjoyed witnessing the
introduction of important technologies such as the Wave® music system, wireless surround
sound, and noise cancelling headphones. It is [Company]’s commitment to diverse research and
innovation that initially inspired me to study engineering.
Having worked in residential home development for several years, I have learned that few
things come easily and thus have always maintained a strong work ethic and desire to succeed. I
am a committed student eager to learn and grow as a professional. To date I have completed
several relevant courses that include the study of materials behavior, 3D CAD modeling, and
electronics. Additionally, I believe that my personal interest in your company and outstanding
academic record make me an ideal applicant for an internship or co-op at [Company]. Please see
my attached resume which contains additional details regarding my qualifications. I’d
appreciate an opportunity to speak with you further about any position for which you believe I
may be a suitable fit. I can be reached at (978) 934-xxxx or
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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